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Available Services

Hair, Scalp & Wig Clinic

Offering comprehensive solutions for hair and scalp health including scalp analysis, hair loss treatments, wig consultations, custom wig services, scalp care products.


Hair styling technique that involves chemically altering the structure of the hair to create curls or waves that last for an extended period.

Hot towel shave

Service that involves shaving the face with a straight razor after applying a hot towel to the skin.


Anti-Aging, Fat-Dissolving, B12, Lipfiller 

Wig Fitting & Styling

Expertly fitting wigs to ensure a comfortable and natural-looking appearance, tailored to each individual's head shape and preferences.


Hair coloring technique where strands of hair are lightened to create contrast and dimension against the base color.


brows, nose, underarm and full arm, back, shoulders and upper arm, chest and stomach, full leg and bikinni  line, half leg, upper body front and back (exept arms)

Massage Therapy

Form of manual therapy that involves manipulating the body's soft tissues to alleviate pain, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance overall well-being.

Grey blending

Hair colouring technique that seamlessly blends grey or white hairs with the individual's natural hair color, creating a more uniform and youthful appearance.

Haircut & Styling

 Trimming or shaping the hair to achieve a desired length and style, followed by the application of styling products to enhance the hair's appearance and hold the desired shape.


Facial, Microdermabrasion facial, Microneedling


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