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About Us

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Redefining Men's Wellness Through Expertise and Compassion. I am a multifaceted professional whose journey through the realms of HR, Clinical Psychotherapist, sports therapy, human nutrition, grooming, therapy, and human resources has uniquely positioned me as a pioneer in men's wellness. With a wealth of experience garnered from diverse fields, I bring a holistic approach to understanding and addressing the intricacies of men's health, particularly the often-overlooked topic of manopause. My journey began in the realm of grooming, where I honed my skills as a master barber and aesthetician while running a prestigious men's salon. Through my hands-on experience, I developed a profound understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by men in their pursuit of personal grooming and self-care. Driven by a relentless passion for holistic wellness, I embarked on a journey of academic pursuit, obtaining a Higher Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. This expertise allowed me to delve deeper into the psychological and emotional aspects of men's health, empowering me to offer comprehensive support and guidance to my clients. In my role as a Human Resources Director, I witnessed firsthand the impact of workplace stress and societal expectations on men's well-being. This experience inspired me to advocate for a more compassionate and inclusive approach to men's health, one that prioritises mental and emotional wellness alongside physical fitness. As a Fellow of the Association of British and International Hairdressing Schools, I remain at the forefront of industry innovation and best practices, constantly seeking to elevate standards and redefine the concept of men's grooming and self-care. A prolific author on topics in my field of expertise including my publication "What is Manopause," I aim to shed light on this often-misunderstood phenomenon and offer practical insights and solutions for men navigating this transformative stage of life. With my unique blend of expertise, empathy, and commitment to holistic wellness, I am immensely driven and proud of the “EmpowerYouth”, Health and Wellness Male Grooming Skills Training Programme I founded in 2023 and launched on Fox Business News on November 1st 2023. I continue to make a profound impact on the lives of men seeking empowerment, resilience, and fulfilment

Let's work together

​Through the International Institute, training programs provide students the highest standards of practical and technical skills training and salon business.


The Institute's mission is to:

  1. To increase the standard of education across the barber profession

  2. To offer European wide qualifications to existing professionals and students

  3. To provide training programs to elevate the standards of services across the sector.

  4. To offer ABIH and BC accreditations and certifications, raising the standard of education within and across the industry

  5. To provide collaboration and representation of barbers at all levels 

Our online courses offer award-winning virtual programs to students around the world and provide flexible learning options for all types of passionate learners.

We provide diverse options that cater to individuals who want a customisable learning experience, yet still prioritise receiving a high-level education. 

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